Stress Shifter’s Gratitude November Newsletter 2019

Welcome to our Stress Shifter November Newsletter. In the US we celebrate Thanksgiving later this month, so this newsletter is focused on the importance of Gratitude. Also, this month we will release our first online course on “Learning Stress Shifter Skills to be more Calm, Centered, and Creative,” so I would like to express my gratitude to you as one of our Stress Shifter newsletter friends by offering you a special discount offer of 30% off the course fee.

Stress Shifter’s October Newsletter 2019

Stress Shifter’s Newsletter is free with the intention to assist people all around the world in transforming their stress. It is our belief with knowledge and practice you can transform stress to be more Calm, Powerful, and Healthy.

September Newsletter 2019

Welcome to our Stress Shifter September Newsletter. This month’s newsletter is focused on reducing stress by transforming overwhelm with simplicity.

Forming Conscious Intentions to Shift Stress

Forming conscious intentions to shift stress is a skill that needs to be developed thru practice. It is muscle that needs attention to increase the power of the intention.   It is so easy to let ourselves just drift in the sea of the subconscious and not know where we are going, whether we are getting anywhere, and just settle to …

Transform Unconscious Stress Producing Intentions

It is transformational when we set a intention to realize our potential by learning more about what OS (Operating System) fear driven programs are limiting us. It is important to understand the tendency of the brain to focus on the negative and the over anxious alarm system of the amygdala. This alarm system hijacks our attention and energy. Upgrading the old memories …