What is a Brain OS?

Our Brain Operating System (OS) structures and shapes what we think, believe, feel and act. It is like a Computer Operating System that is hidden in the background, and it's programming controls all the functioning of software, organizing all the data, and actions of the user. Similarly, the Brain OS has many levels of programming that create patterns of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and results. These hidden programs define the structure, limits and organization of our “personal” data.

The problem is that these programs were installed at an early age, and they are too outdated to handle the complex challenges of our modern adult world. Plus, some of these programs were pre-installed in our primitive Brain that were meant to handle Stone Age survival challenges. 

Stress Shifter is a way to begin to examine these hidden programs that can unknowingly limit us and cause us to experience stressful reactions that interfere with us getting the results we truly desire in today's world.

Upgrade your Brain OS using Stress Shifter

The Good News is that our Brain is Upgradable.
By using Stress Shifter
we can learn to operate from a calm, centered and creative place that empowers us to create powerful results with greater ease and enjoyment. We can learn to not be driven by subconscious fear based programs and have our brain more run by our conscious intentions.

By using the Tools and Exercises in Stress Shifter to increase our Awareness of how our Brain Works the upgrade process will commence.

Stress Shifter will help us become more mindful of our body sensations, emotions, and thoughts that are a part of stress reactive patterns. By learning how to follow this stress related data back to the source, Stress Shifter will help us identify the hidden self-beliefs or programs that keep us stuck in these painful stressful places inside our self. By increasing our Self-Awareness it will help us see many new possibilities, take more risks, and spur innovative creative thinking that will produce more successful actions.

This is the start to installing and deploying a New Self-Aware Operating System that leads to more of what we really want to be experiencing and enjoying in our work and life. It will empower us to choose new beliefs about who we really are, and develop new strategies to achieve the results in all areas of life that we truly desire. This freedom to choose what we believe is the most powerful act to propel us to new heights, and significantly reduce our stress.

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