The Stress Shifter Stress Management Online Well-Being Program for Individuals

Who is this for?

  • Offer an online stress management program that anyone can access tools and exercises to reduce stress and regain creative energy

  • Offer Stress Shifter as way to transform stress into strength and empowerment

  • Use the Stress Shifting program to make powerful shifts in stressful situations

Key Benefits of the Stress Shifter Online Program for Individuals:

Shifting Stress is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger as a person and as an organization.

  • Stress is a major cause of poor health. The CDC says that 90% of all doctors’ visits are stress related. By reducing Stress it will lead to better health which will reduce health costs.

  • When less stressed people become more healthy, happier, energized, and resilient.

  • Performance is improved when people are less stressed as they enter into a more creative flow. Their brain operates at a higher level of creativity, problem solving, flexibility and focus.

  • Less stress means less fighting, flighting, freezing. This can mean more cooperation, better communication, and less conflict.

  • When stressed, the higher brain shuts down, and is less capable of cognitive thinking, memory retention, or open to learning new things. By learning how to shift into the higher brain capability people become more open to learning and growing.

  • By reducing stress, you can rediscover and reignite your true passions to do what you love, and love what you do.

  • Reconnect with your Creative powers to design and manifest more of the life you truly desire

  • By becoming aware of self-judgments and allowing yourself to be who you truly are, self-acceptance and self-love will become easier and more real

  • By reducing self-judgement, and learning to trust yourself you will create safety to be who you truly are and stop trying get others approval

Key Features of the Stress Shifter Online Program:

  • Education - Explains how the old brain operating system becomes stressed. How to upgrade Brain OS to a higher level of functioning and creativity.

  • Quick stress profile assessment tool to show possible stress triggers for a person. Includes detailed analysis of the Stress profile results.

  • Learn the Skill of Stress Shifting to move thru stress to empowerment with ease. Make Stress Shifter app available on local network for employees to use to make stress shifts.

  • Stress Shifter will provide charts and key metrics to view progress with reducing stress and increasing wellness

  • Use Stress Shifter Journal to record and recall insights and understandings from each stress shift. Easily search journal to recall learnings of what has worked before to shift stress.

  • Stress Shifter has a toolbox of many short daily practices, exercises and meditations that can be used to make quick stress shifts

  • In your account, you will track your stress shifting progress as you work on shifting your own personal stressors.

  • A Stress Shift project will be formed with specific actions to take and be accountable for.

  • A safe place to share insights, learnings, questions about stress shifting and get feedback from experienced stress shifters and support from fellow shifters

  • Schedule 30 minute coaching session to work on making a Stress Shift with experienced trained coaches

  • Classes for more in-depth learning on Stress Shifting

Key Features of the Stress Shifter App:

  • Keep track of progress on each stress shift, and view list of stressors to do stress shifts on

  • Go thru set of exercises to complete each step

  • Utilize built in coaching tips on each slide to more easily move thru the stress shifting process

  • Identify stressors that are current being experienced.

  • Become aware of the specific "Threat" that is triggering the Stress responses.

  • Clarify what you really want to be experiencing and creating.

  • Learn from the stress to grow stronger

  • Define specific actions to make a Stress Shift

  • To support your Stress Shift project you will form a Support team to remind you of your intentions and hold you accountable to your promise to shift.

How Does Stress Shifter Work?

Stress Shifting is a Four Step process in the App: Stress Shifter will help you become more mindful of your stress reactive patterns, allowing you to connect sensations, emotions, and thoughts, have insight for growth, and develop new positive patterns.


Stress Shifter will help you identify the hidden
self-beliefs or programs that keep you stuck in these painful, stressful places and help you shift to a calmer, more productive space. To empower individuals to upgrade their brain operating system to a higher level. Stress Shifter will develop self-belief programs of self-worth, self-acceptance, self-responsibility and self-trust.