About Allen Imbarrato

Stress Shifter Creator
StressShifter was created by Allen Imbarrato.

In 1973, Allen entered an Ashram to study meditation and learn about the spiritual life from a Spiritual Master from India. After a few years Allen was invited to join a 2 year meditation teacher certification program. As one of a few Western meditation teachers, he traveled the world as a meditation teacher speaking nightly for over 5 years on the benefits of meditation, and teaching the ancient meditation techniques.

Stress Shifter, is based on Allen’s experience of mindfulness meditation practices that he has been doing for over 45 years. He has drawn upon this inner experience to develop simple tools that can help reduce stress, and increase well being.

In 1985, Allen founded Ki Learning Systems and began traveling throughout the USA to deliver his “Winning at Work and at Life Seminar”. He delivered the seminar hundreds of times in over 25 major US cities.

In 1990 Mr, Imbarrato created “The Breakthrough Technology Program, Creating the Work and Life you Want”. This program helped thousands of people to make profound shifts in their work and lives.

He went on to produce and appear in an infomerical with TV star Alan Rachins to let people know about his amazing Breakthrough Technology, that shows people how to turn breakdowns in their lives to breakthroughs.

In 1995, a new company division was opened, Ki Business Systems to produce and market business management software. Allen applied his knowledge of “Ki” which is the invisible energy that connects all the parts of life, to businesses to connect all the parts of a business with one integrated software program called “KiBiz”. KiBiz software runs hundreds of business worldwide for over 23 years. (www.kibizsystems.com)

In 2011 Allen brought together the skill sets of his mindfulness based “Breakthrough Technology” with his software development skills to create an iPhone app “Stress Shifter”. Thousands of users from over 75 countries have downloaded “Stress Shifter” over the past 6 years to make it easy for anyone on an iPhone to make a shift in their stress level, and tap into their innate creative powers.

Now, in 2018 Stress Shifter is available as a Web and Mobile App to support people all over the world to make Stress Shifts easily and effectively.

About Lindsay Leimbach

Lindsay Leimbach is a well established Mindfulness teacher who has taught at JPL-NASA, American Heart Association, YMCA, City Governments, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and General Public for over 6 years. Lindsay has a background in Psychology and Education and led Special Education School as Principal and Teacher for over 23 years.

Lindsay has worked closely with Mr. Imbarrato to learn the Stress Shifter Model and has delivered the Stress Shifter Course many times. As a highly skilled presenter, Lindsay acts as the lead instructor in this online Stress Shifter Skills Course, while Allen will provide coaching tips and lead meditations.

Lindsay Leimbach, has more than 28 years of teaching and speaking experience. Lindsay grew up in Baltimore MD. She came to CA in 1991 after winning a trip. She went to a special ed elementary school for Dyslexics from 2nd to 5th grade.

Formally, Lindsay Leimbach was the Head Director of a special education school working with severely emotionally challenged individuals and their families. She has taught classes and seminars for schools, groups, businesses, and parents on mindful living, mindful parenting, active awareness, and becoming your personal best. She is a Mindful Living Coach working with adults, teens, and children, as well. Lindsay is currently on the Executive Board for the Southeast Ventura County YMCA

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