Stress Shifter’s March Newsletter 2020

Stress Shifter's March Newsletter

Stress Shifter's Newsletter is a free newsletter with the intention to assist people all around the world in transforming their stress. It is our belief with knowledge and practice one is able to transform the mindset that holds stressful feelings and thoughts into a Calm, Powerful, and Healthy Mindset.

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Message from Allen Imbarrato, Creator of Stress Shifter

Facing the Stress of the Coronavirus


Dear Friend of Stress Shifter,
Welcome to our Stress Shifter March Newsletter. As we enter March, everyone in the World is facing a new Stressor in the form of the Coronavirus. This Stressor will not be going away anytime soon, and it is likely to get much worse.  This is a real "danger" to our world health and economy.  

No one has control over this Stressor, but we can have control over our response to it. We can panic and live in fear of coming in contact with people or places. However, fear breeds more fear. What can we do to reduce our stress and not have our stress response system be on high alert?  How can we stay calm amidst such a threatening situation?

This is where it is important to practice mindful Stress Shifting Skills. It is easy to react by denying, blaming, discounting, or distracting.  Yet, these reactions will only keep our stress reactions activated and can lead to shutting down in a frozen numb state. To Face that we are concerned and to be mindful of our stress reactions is the first step.

The second step is to Focus. To have intentional focus on our fear can give us insight to our reactions. A fear thought is just a fear thought; it does not make it true. When we can focus on our fear with insight, we can have an opportunity to grow instead of perpetuating more fear. This Focus will allow us to be more calm, centered, and creative in handling the daily news and information. To be calm inside enables us to handle better the discomfort of "not knowing what is going to happen" and be more flexible in our responses.

The ABC of Stress Shifting is important to remember.

A – Be Aware of what you are feeling.

B – Take a Breath to help bring yourself to a calm and centered mindset.  

C – Make a skillful Choice of action.

Remember the world is in this together. You are not alone. It is time to open your heart and feel compassion for others as well as yourself. Kindness and compassion might be all we can do in this moment. It is a good place to start. We will be posting Stress Shifter videos on the Facebook page this coming week with more tips to help.

Our Stress Shifter Skills Course is now available online to be started and digested at your own pace.  This might be a good time to hone your Stress Shifting Skill set.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming free Webinar on Stress Shifting to be held on Thursday, March 26, at 6 PM PST.  We will send you an email as it gets closer for you to sign-up.

 So, enjoy this newsletter on Mindful Eating and Living, and please send us your feedback. 

Stress Shifter Skills Online Course
to Learn the Skill of Stress Shifting

This course will teach you the Four Step Stress Shifting Process that you will be able to apply to any Stress producing situation.  

In this Stress Shifter Course, you'll learn:

1. How to Face your Stress in a safe, curious, and calm manner.

2. How to Inquire into the Root causes that trigger your stress.

3. How to Design new creative responses that better serve you and everyone around you to replace reactive stress responses.

4. How to Flow through life with more ease and less struggle to create more the results you truly desire.

The Stress Shifter Skills Course is now available for you take at your own pace, on any device.  Listen in your car, while walking your dog, or whenever it is convenient for you.  By learning the Skill of Stress Shifting, you will have more Energy, Calmness, and Connection to your Creative Power to produce your desired results.

Here is one Student's Reflections on the Value she Received from the Stress Shifter Skills Course

"Thank you so much for all of the hours of dedication and hard work building this course so that you can impart your knowledge and understanding to me. It's made me feel like you have taken my hand and guided me gently though a very difficult time of my life. You have made me realize without judgement how and why I have been thinking, and backed this up with science. You have given me the ideas and techniques to grow and make myself feel better and strong enough to move forward positively. That's truly a gift."
Jo in Spain/UK

Creating Personal Power with
Mindful Eating

by Lindsay Leimbach

Mindful Eating fosters personal power and happiness in your life and is a large part of Mindful Living. Mindful Living is having awareness of the present moment during your day-to-day activities. Mindful Eating is having awareness concerning food and eating, with a focus on enjoying each bite. Personal power arises through... Read More

Three Students’ Reflections on the Stress Shifter Skills Course

Module 1
“Stress can be rooted in memories from years ago. These are self-imposed and solvable.”
Wendell in Florida

Module 2
“Your course is enabling me to make more sense of everything that I have learned so far (in past therapy).”
Jo in Spain

Module 3
“I had been visualizing two different stressors happenings in my life ...when I became aware that I had been a judger in these situations I felt immediate peace with them.”
Jean in California

It is wonderful to hear all of the great testimonials coming in from Stress Shifter Skills Course students. Real transformation is happening every day.

Some of the feedback has told us that the Skill has helped people transform stress in areas of:

 Aging Parents
Grown Children
Health Issues
Not Enough Time



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