Creating Personal Power with Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating fosters personal power and happiness in your life and is a large part of Mindful Living. Mindful Living is having awareness of the present moment during your day-to-day activities. Mindful Eating is having awareness concerning food and eating, with a focus on enjoying each bite. Personal power arises through the awareness of the relationship you have with eating behaviors and food choices. In today’s hustle and bustle, we are often inclined to eat on the run while multitasking.

TV dinners, fast-food chains, energy bars, and supersizing food choices that are reinforced in our media and society become the norm. We frequently eat in a hypnotic state; we don’t remember what we ate or how much we ate. Mindful eating is a skill that can awaken us to the pleasure of eating and the joy of the present moment. Eating mindfully can improve eating behaviors, enable weight control, prevent chronic disease, and foster a healthy relationship between food and ourselves.

Mindful Living is never denying yourself, telling yourself you can’t, or restricting your thinking. It is an awareness of your external and internal motivations, without judgment.  Likewise, Mindful Eating is having awareness of your external and internal motivations without judgment in relation to food. Awareness leads to insight, knowledge, and positive choices.  Making those choices is the exercise of personal power over food.  

When we place restrictions and judgments on ourselves and our food by saying “I can’t eat ...,” we are reinforcing negative thinking and giving food all the power. What the mind thinks about, in a positive or negative way, the mind will be attracted to. Example, if you tell yourself “I cannot eat any bread,” as soon as you walk up to the table, you will focus on all the bread items you cannot eat. You have convinced yourself that a certain item is “dangerous,” and, therefore, the brain will point out that item every time you come across it. This is how the brain is wired to keep us safe.

Instead of thinking of food items as “dangerous,” realize you can eat any food you want (provided you are not allergic). You’re simply choosing to limit the intake of food items that do not promote your well-being – you are exercising choices, rather than restrictions. Mindful eating is shifting your focus from restrictions, dieting, and weight to personal power that promotes your well-being. It is a shift of thinking from “I can’t” to “I feel better when I eat...” or “this food works better for me, so I choose...”

30 Minute Lesson on how to transform a stressful relationship with food.
Eating does not need to cause stress in our mind.

Watch below video on Shifting Stress related to Food


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Three steps: Face that there is an emotional connection with food, Focus on the old programming that has been wired, and be Free to make a choice to build a healthy emotional relationship with food. You have the personal power and the choice to Mindful Eating. This is living life in the Flow.



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