Stress & Food Facing


Why it is Important to Face
how Food Reacts with your Body

It is possible to make the shift from a belief that food is your nemesis to the freeing belief that food promotes health and well-being. The first crucial step is facing your physical reaction with food. How does your body react to different foods? Do some cause weight gain? Do others cause bloating or tiredness? This awareness allows you to make positive informed choice without emotion.

If you knew a friend treated you well, you would invite them into your home. If you knew someone was assaultive and harmful, you would not invite that person in. The more awareness you have about how your body reacts to food, the more inclined you will be to choose foods that promote health and well-being. You will have more personal power to walk away from foods that are assaultive or harmful.

Awareness opens the door to knowledge, and knowledge leads you to make a better factual decision. On the occasions that you want to have a food that might not treat your body so well, then do so. But make an informed choice to use moderation, which will also help eliminate those guilty feelings you might normally associate with eating those foods. Realize that the consequences are just the consequences, not a result of failure but a choice.

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