Stress Shifter’s October Newsletter 2019


Stress Shifter's October Newsletter


Stress Shifter's Newsletter is free with the intention to assist people all around the world in transforming their stress. It is our belief with knowledge and practice you can transform stress to be more Calm, Powerful, and Healthy.

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Message from Allen Imbarrato, Creator of Stress Shifter

Learning the Life Skill of Stress Shifting


Dear Friend of Stress Shifter,
Welcome to our Stress Shifter October Newsletter. This month the newsletter is focused on learning to trust our inner wisdom to guide us to not only shift our stress, but to realize more of our true potential.  We welcome a well known Guest contributor, Lissa Coffey, who is an author of 16 books. (  She writes an article, "Reaching your Potential."

As we approach the release of our course on Stress Shifting in November, this month's focus is designed to prepare the ground for growing our inner awareness to face our stress and understand more about how our stress is triggered.

Making a commitment to face our stress triggers will start us on the journey to shift from being less reactive and pulled down by all the stressors in our lives, to being more calm, centered, and creative.   We will be holding a free Master Class Webinar in October (see below for details) on how to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety.  The webinar will cover the latest Brain Research on Neuroscience which confirms that every person has the ability to reprogram neural pathways that trigger stress and to form new neural pathways.  

You may have heard the phrase, "Neurons that fire together, wire together." By learning how to identify the patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviors that repeatedly fire our stress reactions of fight, flight, freeze, we can begin to make new choices of how to think and act that can not only stop reinforcing the same neuron wiring, but will lead us to our inner powers to create the sensations, emotions, thoughts, and results that are more healthy, enjoyable, and productive.  

So, please mark your calendar to attend one of these Stress Shifter Master Class Webinars in October, and plan on taking the 4 week Stress Shifting Course in November. This 4-week course will teach the 4-Step Stress Shifting process.  Each week will focus on one step.  By the end of the course, you will have learned the valuable skills of how to shift your stress each day that you can use for the rest of your life.   The Life Skill of Stress Shifting can be applied to stressful situations you experience at home and work, and with finances and health, or any area of your life. The Master Class Webinar will provide more details on the course, and you can see more details on the Webinar and Class below in this newsletter. 

So, enjoy this newsletter, and please send us your feedback. 

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You'll learn:

1. How to reduce Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

2. How to turn Stress into an Opportunity to Learn & Grow

3. How to Take Advantage of the latest Brain Research to Shift Stress

4. How Stress Shifting Can be Learned as a Skill that will be Useful for a Lifetime

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Stress Shifting Changed My Life
By Lindsay Byrd Leimbach

“Work harder,” “study more, “you need just to apply yourself better” all are phrases I have heard in my family and in my culture to become better, achieve more, or become more successful. I saw my parents and others I admire live by these standards. I believed they were true. I also saw all these people suffer with tremendous stress, always longing for the weekend or a holiday. I felt this to be true in myself too.

I knew there was something amiss. We all were working so hard and also had chronic stress as a baseline in our lives. This is when I realized what I was missing. This was my own inner wisdom, the joy of the present moment, and the value of a calm balanced mindset. I would have stressed a lot less if I had heard “take a breath and relax for a moment” instead of “work harder” when I ran into a challenge. I would have been a lot less stressed out if I said to myself, “you got this, you have the inner wisdom to figure it out”; instead of "find someone that can solve the issue, i.e. parent, boss, therapist, or an expert.” Don’t get me wrong, seeking outside help is very beneficial, but denying that I have the capability to control, be responsible, or create my own life is self-destructive. I realized that is how I thought and that it would not lead me to the inner happiness that I desire.

I have learned how to Face my issues without my own inner voice of negative judgement defeating myself.  I am now aware and can control my own thinking. So, I won’t get lost in worry, anxiety, and other stressful thoughts. Well, most of the time I can do this. And the times my inner voice goes negative, I become aware of it and can redirect myself to a positive learning mindset. The skill of Stress Shifting (Facing, Focusing Freeing, Flowing) has helped me create a calm balanced empowered mindset. I practice this skill of the 4 steps every day. I live a life not in fear; I live a life of growth, wonder, appreciation, and Flow!

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Join Lindsay on Oct 8th and Oct 15th at 2:30 PM PST  for a Facebook LIVE where she will lead a meditation and take questions on Stress Shifting. 

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Coming in November the Stress Shifter Online Course to Learn the Skill of Stress Shifting

This will be a four week course that will teach you the Four Step Stress Shifting Process that you will be able to apply to any Stress producing situation.  

In this Stress Shifter Course, you'll learn:

1. How to Face your Stress in a safe, curious, and calm manner

2. How to Inquire into the Root causes that trigger your stress

3. How to Design new creative responses that better serve you and everyone around you to replace reactive stress responses

4. How to Flow through life with more ease and less struggle to create the results you truly desire.

Please sign up for the Master Class to Learn More about the Course. Click here to Sign Up for the Master Class that Fits your Schedule:

Reaching Your Potential

By Lissa Coffey

Has anyone ever said that you are not “living up to your potential”? Think about it… what is your “potential”? If there are no limits, then we have unlimited potential! Our potential is our power, and we can work with it in creating our lives. 

Part of the process of getting to know ourselves is following the example of people whom we admire and respect. But while we can follow the example of their behavior, we must also understand that the path they took to get there is not necessarily the same one that we're on. Everyone has their own way to go. We can't imitate someone else to get there, nor can we ride on another's coattails. We must remain our true, authentic self and express ourselves in her own way. When we truly “get” who we are, we feel no need to be anyone else or live up to anyone else's standards. Being yourself is the best you can be! 

When we know who we are and understand the power that comes with it, we know that all of the strength, confidence, creativity, and intelligence of the world is our own ours to tap into it feels us up. We have the potential because we are the potential. 

We create our lives. Everything we have, we have brought into fruition. We are where we are because of the circumstance we created to get here. And we create the path to get there, too, each step of the way.

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.Walt Disney
I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.Anne Freud


Practice a Mindful Meditation Hobby to Reduce Stress

"Meditating" can be a scary word that often makes people think “I can’t do that”. Mindful Meditation is not necessarily confined to sitting with your eyes closed, following your breath, and observing your thoughts pass by. Meditation comes in all forms, and hobbies that you enjoy are probably among the best forms of mindful meditation.

Remember what you loved to do when you were child, a teenager, or a young adult? Pick it up and re-discover it. Make it a priority during your day. Getting lost in your music/poetry/writing/
sketching is an excellent way to practice being in the present moment and mindful. List some of your own ideas.

Then give your brain a break. Enjoy doing what you love.

Here are some of my ideas: gardening, woodwork, sewing, mechanics, yoga, cooking, painting, coloring, drawing, crafts, puzzles, knitting, stamps, trains, remote controls, cars, music, writing and there are many more.

By Lindsay Byrd Leimbach

Stress Shifter

Can Help Us All

"The world is coming apart over the stress of work, climate, mass killings, partisan politics and the barrage of ugly tweets. 

I think you have one of the best answers to handling the stress by utilizing the tools of mindfulness and Stress Shifter. The trick is to react to bad news with a mindful action and Shift the Stress before the stress take root."

Wendell from Florida

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