Stress Shifter’s February Newsletter 2020

Stress Shifter's February Newsletter

Stress Shifter's Newsletter is a free newsletter with the intention to assist people all around the world in transforming their stress. It is our belief with knowledge and practice one is able to transform the mindset that holds stressful feelings and thoughts into a Calm, Powerful, and Healthy Mindset.

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Message from Allen Imbarrato, Creator of Stress Shifter

Taking Responsibility for Managing Stress


Dear Friend of Stress Shifter,

Welcome to our Stress Shifter February Newsletter.  Often we hear people saying, "Oh, I am so stressed out!"    What is usually meant is that certain people, events, or circumstances caused me to get stressed.  It can be easy to blame things on the outside for causing us to become stressed.  It is harder though to identify the inner triggers within ourselfves that actually set off our fight and flight reactions.  

When we think our stress is caused by external pressures, we tend to seek external solutions to relieve our stress.  We try to avoid the people that we think stress us out, or we try to control them to make sure they don't say something or do something that would make us "stressed."   These attempts at avoiding or controlling can further increase our stress reactions of fighting or flighting.

To make a significant shift in our stress level really requires taking responsibility to observe our inner stress triggers.   By conducting a self-inquiry into noticing first our body sensations, then our emotions, and then our thoughts, we can gain more self-awareness of what made us feel unsafe.  The stress response systems these days most often get triggered by social threats, more than physical threats.  When we become mindful of our inner experience, we gain inner strength to then face the outer stressors from a new perspective and with creativity. 

By owning our stress reactions, we can get our power back to make new choices.  In the story of Beth below, this is a good example of how by taking responsibility for managing our stress, we can not only shift our own stress, but we can also help others around us to feel less stressed. 

The Brain Manual Got Me Off the Crazy Ride

by Lindsay Leimbach


Here is the story about Beth and her family getting off the crazy ride of stress recycling.  Beth had a transformational moment after watching the videos on the Stress Shifter Skills Course for Module 1: Facing – The Brain Manual. She was so... Read More

Want to Learn More about the Brain Manual in Module 1 of the Stress Shifter Skills Course?

Here is a brief 2 minute sample of the Stress Shifter Skills Course on the Brain Manual we didn't get in School.

Stress Shifter Skills Course Still Available

In this Course, you'll learn:

  1. How to turn Stress into an Opportunity to Learn & Grow
  2. How to Take Advantage of latest Brain Research to Shift Stress
  3. How Shifting Stress Can be Learned as a Skill that will be Useful for a Lifetime

Developing Kindness to our Self and Others

by Practicing the Loving-Kindness Meditation

What is Loving-Kindness Meditation?

Loving-Kindness meditation focuses on developing feelings of goodwill, calmness, and kindness towards others and yourself. Jack Kornfield states, “With each recitation of the phrases, we are expressing an intention, planting the seeds of loving wishes over and over... Read More

We are really excited that the Stress Shifter Skills Course has begun and we are getting really positive feedback from the many new students.

One student says: "I learned that I can change the way my brain works."

Another realized: "Stress can be rooted in memories from years ago. These are self imposed and solvable."

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Stress Shifter has been asked to be part of an international speaker summit to help working moms all around the worldLindsay was interviewed explaining how to reduce and shift stress for parents.

The summit gathered 24 successful mum entrepreneurs and top curated mentors from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia, to learn the proven strategies, Stress Shifting tips and advice on how women can do business and be present for our kids, while ourselves thriving as a woman. 

 This project has been made into a 24-day interview series called THRIVING MUMS IN BUSINESS: How to Have More Time, Energy and Fun while Raising a Family and Building a Business.

The summit runs February 17th – March 11th.

 Right now, Stress Shifter has a COMPLIMENTARY TICKET for you to attend. You can register FREE by using this link

You can watch this interview series from your home, office, or on the go. Each interview is about 30 minutes long.

 This is for women who want to build an impactful business while being a good mum, but are challenged with how to do it all without sacrificing themselves and feeling stressed.

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