How to Shift Negative Thoughts

Thoughts aren’t facts or truths. They’re just thoughts. Thoughts don’t exist outside our minds. Thoughts carry information. They report physical sensations and bring forth memories. Often they become stories in our heads.

Letting go of regrets

Almost every parent or person alive regrets what they’ve done or should have done. Even when the source of regret happened years ago, we hold onto those feelings, wishing that we could change the past. We want to change our choices and the coping skills we have used.

Waiting for the Right Moment is often a Mistake

Are you waiting for the perfect time to change? Someone rarely chooses to start a diet right this minute. Diets are commonly started on a Monday, the first of the month, or the first of the year.

Choosing my Personal Quality

What do I mean by personal quality? It is an aspect that you want to hold in your mind and heart during daily life. You want to be able to hold this quality when you communicate with others and with yourself during both challenges and calm times.

SelfAawarenes and Choice grateful

I am grateful I release the harsh and pointed inner voice. It’s just a throwback to the past, and holds no truth about this moment.
I am grateful I let go of self-judgment, the old, learned ways of beating

Practice a Mindful Meditation Hobby

“Meditating” can be a scary word that often makes people think, “I can’t do that.” However, Mindful Meditation is not necessarily confined to sitting with your eyes closed, following your breath, and observing your thoughts

Overview of Meditation Practices

Meditation is a skill that has been practiced for over 3000 years. From the beginning of time, humans had to deal with emotions such as worry, anxiety, rumination, being overwhelmed, and fear.

Loving Kindness Meditation

May I send love to myself. May I be well. May I be free from stress. May I be free from worry. May I be free from sadness and anger. May I be free from difficulties. May I be filled with loving-kindness.

The ABCD of Stress Shifting

The unknown is the new normal. There are two aspects of the unknown that we have to face in the present world—the unknown outside and the unknown of our inside. When our mind becomes fixated on the

Mindful Holiday Eating

Mindful Holiday Eating is never about denying yourself or telling yourself you can’t eat. Neither is it about eating just because the food is offered. Instead, it is an awareness of your external and internal