Practice a Mindful Meditation Hobby


Practice a Mindful Meditation Hobby to Reduce Stress

By Lindsay Byrd Leimbach

"Meditating" can be a scary word that often makes people think,I can’t do that.” However, Mindful Meditation is not necessarily confined to sitting with your eyes closed, following your breath, and observing your thoughts pass by. Meditation comes in all forms, and hobbies you enjoy are probably among the best forms of mindful meditation.

Remember what you loved to do when you were a child, a teenager, or a young adult? Could you pick it up and re-discover it? Make it a priority during your day. Getting lost in your music/ poetry/ writing/ sketching is an excellent way to practice being in the present moment and mindful. List some of your own ideas. 


Then give your brain a break. Enjoy doing what you love. Here are some of my ideas: gardening, woodwork, sewing, mechanics, yoga, cooking, painting, coloring, drawing, crafts, puzzles, knitting, stamps, trains, remote controls, cars, music, writing, and there are many more.