Choosing my Personal Quality


It's time to design your personal quality that will become you in this year.


What do I mean by personal quality? It is an aspect that you want to hold in your mind and heart during daily life. You want to be able to hold this quality when you communicate with others and with yourself during both challenges and calm times.

A Personal Quality helps define your Authentic Self; it is how others would describe you. It is part of your True Nature. 

Examples of positive personal qualities are joyful, abundant, energetic, compassionate, accepting, and trusting; there are negative personal qualities such as pessimistic, victim, complainer, worrier, and controlling. This year let's focus on what we want, not on what we don't want. If we hold the personal quality of accepting then the controlling aspect will diminish, if we are joyful the pessimism will decrease.

The great news is that you can CHOOSE what personal quality you want to cultivate in yourself. So let's do it!!! Last year
I choose the Personal Quality of Kindness. I have a wood carving in my office that says "Kindness." I have a sign in my kitchen that said "Choose Kindness" too. I had a good friend that knew my Personal Quality was Kindness. She would say throughout the year. "Lindsay declare your Personal Quality - Kindness." 

As I practice the 4 Steps of the Stress Shifter Skill I would use my Personal Quality.

Facing - Am I Facing the situation with Kindness?

Focusing - Am I Focusing on the situation and learning with Kindness for myself and for others?

Freeing - I AM Free to choose the position that will reinforce kindness in my world!

Flow - I AM Living My Life Out Loud in Action with Kindness being demonstrated as who I am!


With practice, I can deal with the greatest challenges using the Stress Shifter Skills with Kindness throughout the year and now beyond. This feels WONDERFUL!

This year I have chosen Joyful Trust as my Personal Quality. I am Joyful Trust!! I have kindness deep in my core. So, of course, this will continue to be who I am. 

Right now I am JOYFUL TRUST with Kindness. I will Trust in the Universe (God), Trust in myself, and Trust in others. I will Trust with Joy. Joy to me is knowing and feeling the playful loving miracle in life. It is the ability to see love, compassion, and hope even in the darkest issues. I Trust with Joy!

Join me in choosing a Personal Quality that will enhance your life. Learn more in the Stress Shifter Skills Course.