Waiting for the Right Moment is often a Mistake


Waiting for the Right Moment is often a Mistake! 


Are you waiting for the perfect time to change? Someone rarely chooses to start a diet right this minute. Diets are commonly started on a Monday, the first of the month, or the first of the year.


The same mindset applies to starting a business, learning to play guitar, writing a book, having a difficult conversation, or internal self-change. We often have a false belief that challenging objectives require optimal conditions.


What is required is the courage to get started in the Present Moment. Waiting is often an excuse when we feel fearful, uncertain, or hold limiting beliefs.


The idea that perfect conditions are necessary is a limiting belief:


1. Thinking you have time later. Later is always later. It doesn't mean to throw caution to the wind. It would benefit you to FACE your objective that you want to change in the Present Moment.

Make time and FOCUS on important things you want to accomplish. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get started.

2. Waiting is passive; you give your personal control away. Waiting until the perfect storm of opportunity, convenience, and motivation is unnecessary. FREE yourself of limiting beliefs and take self-control in the present moment. You can create special moments whenever you choose.


3. Avoid regret. Bring Courage, Empowerment, and Creativity into your Life. We often lose time and energy with a regretful and worried mind. Use this energy to create what you want, not what you don't want.


4. Taking action results in a more exciting and fulfilled life. Taking action and failing is better than doing nothing at all. Even in failure, you're learning, growing, and PLAYING LIFE FULL OUT!


Every moment is important because you're important. Avoid waiting any longer for the perfect moment to arrive. Take control of the transformation of your own life. Face, Focus, and become Free of the change you create in this moment. Choose to get started today. Learn more by taking the Stress Shifter Skills Course.