Self-Awareness and Gratitude


I am Grateful for my Mindful Self-Awareness

By Lindsay Leimbach (adapted from Danna Faulds)


I am grateful I release the harsh and pointed inner voice.

It's just a throwback to the past, and holds no truth about this moment.


I am grateful I let go of self-judgment, the old, learned ways of beating yourself up for each imagined inadequacy.


I am grateful I allow the dialogue within the mind to grow friendlier, and quiet.

I Shift the inner criticism and life suddenly looks very different.


I am grateful I can say this because I make the choice a hundred times a day to release the judging voice that refuses to acknowledge the authentic me.


I am grateful what's needed here isn't more prodding toward perfection, but discernment to see clearly, with self-awareness and self-acceptance to mindfully embrace what I see.


I am grateful I can love, not judge, my authentic self for transformation and positive change.


I am grateful for my Personal Power of Choice.



I am grateful for me.