Video Blog: I spoke at NASA JPL about “Stress Shifting Mindfully at Work”.

Today I spoke at NASA JPL about “Stress Shifting Mindfully at Work”. This is a video from NASA’s Control Center where all signals are sent and received from all satellites from outside of the Earth’s orbit. Every country in the world uses this room to communicate with their satellites. Some of the satellites have been sending data back from space …

Video Blog: Compassion awakens the heart

“It is the experience of touching the pain of others that is the key to change… Compassion is a sign of transformation.” – Jim Wallis

When we realize that everyone suffers as we do, our hearts open. We feel more connected to the world. We begin to treat others as we would treat ourselves. The stress of separation ends and love for all begins.

Compassion awakens the heart and peace is fostered.

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Video Blog: A quick reminder on being Grateful

A quick reminder on being Grateful, 35 seconds long. I am grateful that you’re part of our Stress Shifter friends. Please continue to share and like our page. Our mission is to help people transform their stressful thinking into a calm, powerful and healthy mindset.