Video Blog: I spoke at NASA JPL about “Stress Shifting Mindfully at Work”.

Today I spoke at NASA JPL about "Stress Shifting Mindfully at Work".

This is a video from NASA's Control Center where all signals are sent and received from all satellites from outside of the Earth's orbit. Every country in the world uses this room to communicate with their satellites. Some of the satellites have been sending data back from space for 41 years. Way cool.

Here is a quote sent to me about the talk about my Stress Shifter talk.

"Each of your workshops gave me practical insights and practice on how to shift everyday stressors into a positive mindfulnesss. To recognize stressful triggers and learn how to transform or shift them into a positive mind set. I really enjoyed the in class mediation as well.

Your workshops would definitely be a benefit for all JPLers, especially those working to meet critical deadlines, and or dealing with family life issues as well."


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