Vitamin G Reduces Stress


Vitamin G Reduces Stress

By Lindsay Byrd Leimbach

Vitamin G is for a Vitamin of Gratitude, a state of thankfulness, and/or appreciation that offers positive health benefits.  When we take (practice) Vitamin G,  the gratitude contributes to one’s overall sense of well-being improves emotional health and leads to less stress, better sleep, and less negative emotions.

Take Vitamin G first thing in the morning. Write down or repeat to yourself 3 things you are grateful for as you start your day. Vitamin G will prime your day to be in a positive mindset.

Then, don't forget to take Vitamin G right before bed; you could keep a Vitamin G journal. Look back on your day, take notice of the good. Feel the bodily sensation of gratitude. Let the relaxed appreciation be part of your breathing. This will help you organize and bring forth in your mind what is positive in your life. Practice learning to remember the good and joy of your day. It can be remembering very simple things, such as a friend's smile, your pet's happiness to see you, or the beautiful fall leaves in your yard. Practicing Vitamin G will also help shift the mind from a worried state to a peaceful state before falling asleep. This will foster a better night of sleep.

So I ask you, "Got Vitamin G?

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