Made Stress Shift in Health
I’ve been using Stress Shifter app for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my overall stress level.  Within just one week of starting, I found my physical pain diminish and my emotional experiences of stress.  My stress shows up as low back pain, shoulder pain, and asthma.  These physical symptoms are much lower now.  For example, in two weeks, I’ve had only one instance of coughing/wheezing and that used to be a nearly every day occurrence.  And my shoulders feel great!  I feel like I’m taking better care of myself physically and emotionally, as Stress Shifter has helped me become aware of how my doubts and fears trigger my stress reactions.

Amber Keating, LCSW, PYT

Adult Services Manager
Agency Wide Administrator – CBT and CORS

Made Stress Shift into Power and Freedom
Once I began reading and experiencing the content of Stress Shifter, I began to realize how much time and energy went into creating it! 
It was not your average program, rather it was an amazing tool to move through stuck places into power and freedom for me!  I loved how it utilized breathing techniques during the affirmation stages to differentiate from one sentence to the next, making it quite different and very helpful!  It moved me slowly from one phase to the next, so that I could process each segment in my own time.
 I have recommended it to others, since I received a lot of value from it!

Thank you so much for creating Stress Shifter!

Lou Ann Bruck

Made Stress Shift in Family Relationships
The Stress Shift I worked on with “Stress Shfiter” was how could I stop worrying so much about my daughter not being able to find a job. My major insight from using “Stress Shifter” was the possibility that I could let go, stop supporting her and let her find her own way.  That had always been in the background of my consciousness but I never dared say it out loud.  I also realized that I don’t have to worry about what other people think of the help I’m giving or of me – and I don’t have to ask their opinion or advice.  I also don’t need to blame myself if what I’m trying to do doesn’t work out the way I want it to.  I’m doing the best I can.  All of these insights have shifted my stress levels.  

Phyllis Rosser

Mother and Artist/Sculptor

Made Stress Shift in Work Relationships
I came across the “Stress Shifter App” about two months ago, and was intrigued for the promised results. At our very busy pharmacy we always have a number of people demanding of our immediate attention. At times they can be both time consuming and annoying in their reactions, both on the telephone and in the store. 
Over time as the day becomes busier I tend to think about what my shortest response will be while the patient(s) are vocalizing
their concerns.

By doing the exercises in “Stress Shifter” I realized that my stress increased as I was over reacting to my patients requests. When I did the Stress Shifting Process, I learned to own my response, and was better able to perform greater listening skills before interaction. The realization was clear to me that when I focused on them as a threat to me and my time, this created a lack of centeredness on my part.
I went through Stress Shifter several times. Each revisit seemed to bring up more of ‘my’ issues involved with shortcutting conversation. As I began to relax and calm myself at the beginning of conversations I noted that the patient demeanor changed. When they felt genuinely listened to….they were more relaxed. There was a presence developed.
The results were remarkable and predictable. Patients seem more at ease in the process and as I am less stressed and more calm.
Stress shifting has changed my relationships with people by changing the centeredness within myself.
Thank you Stresshifter for helping me become more calm, creative, and present in my work, as it has increased my own awareness of how I create my stress.  

Gene Sperling

Made Stress Shift into Relaxation
“I was blown away with your findings. Your Stress Shifter app clearly defined my needs to re-think where my stress comes from and how to reduce / move forward with my life. I moved forward through the 1st exercise and quickly realized myself more relaxed.
Thank you for creating a tool that will be of help to so many.”

Aaron Hyte Realtor