Self-Awareness is like a Lie Detector

Self Awareness is Like a Lie Detector

A Lie Detector does not lie, nor does the body. The test relies on sensors placed on various parts of our body to analyze the subtle reactions. The test can detect change of the blood pressure, sweat on the palms, the heartbeat rate, and the breathing rate. These subtle changes can indicate a change in our stress or calming level. The test can sense the activation of the sympathetic nervous system that sets us into a fight/flight/freeze state. The test can also sense when we are returning to a normal calm state. By increasing our awareness of our body sensations, we can become more self-aware when we are clam or stressed. We can be our own lie detector test when we trust ourselves to sense the activation of our sympathetic nervous system with a discerning mind. By learning how to be self-aware, we will foster self-trust and create inner safety.


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