Question about family stress From a Facebook Friend sent to us on Messenger


Question about family stress and Your Dreams

Question from Rachel:  How to deal with stress from your family because they kept you away from your real-life and dream?

Answer from Stress Shifter:  Feeling trapped or controlled by family is a common stressor that many of us have had to face.  To break free from fear of being disapproved by your family to be true to yourself and your dreams will take building your belief in yourself and your dream regardless of what others may think or approve.   Believing in yourself begins by accepting and honoring your authentic self.  To stop being defined by others' judgments requires first identifying our own self-judgments that we unknowingly are holding onto.  

If you believe you don't deserve to be free to live your "real" life, you will allow yourself to be defined by others. Why wouldn't you deserve to be your true self?  Well, most likely, there is an old belief that was programmed early on, that you were "not good enough," or "not worthy enough," or some limiting judgment that holds you back. By increasing your awareness of what this judgment might be, you can then ask yourself whether this judgment is really "True."  You can then ask whether or not this was true; what do you now choose to believe is true for yourself.   Consciously choosing what to believe is true will empower you, then break free from the past versions of yourself, and create the life you choose.

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