I focus on breathing and grounding myself


I Focus on Breathing to Gain Inner Control. My Affirmation

By Lindsay Leimbach


Life can be challenging, but I can quickly make myself feel better by focusing on my breathing.  Breathing brings me back to the present moment. I can only solve my challenges in the present. I am free of the past and future.


Before I make an important decision, I ground myself by remembering to focus on my breath; this is the act of Conscious Breathing. Conscious Breathing is the ability to have awareness and focus on your breath. When I take the time to slow down and breathe, I can shift from scattered worrying thoughts to hearing my inner positive voice.


Breathing is the best way to control my body and emotions quickly. I realize that as I Consciously Breathe, I slow my thoughts. I can observe what I am thinking and feeling.  A slow deep Conscious Breath also slows my heartbeat and allows me to feel more calm, centered, and creative.


As I focus on my breath, I am grounding myself. I have the ability to have more control over my stress response. I am free of being reactive. I have a better command of my reactions to people and situations. I am impressed by my ability to stay calm, cool, and collected in challenging situations.




Today I know that my day is enjoyable and productive as I remember to breathe and ground myself consciously. I have the ability to stay in the present moment and handle difficulties with ease and confidence. My unhealthy stress response to triggers is reduced. I feel calm, centered, and creative with each Conscious Breath.



Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    What people or situations cause me to lose my composure?

2.    How can I better remember to focus on my breathing in those situations?

3.    What are the benefits of remaining grounded?



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