How to have 20/20 vision in 2020


Happy New Year!!! It is the year to have 20/20 Inner Vision. We don’t have to feel confused and blurred by life. With skills taught in the Stress Shifter Skills Course, you can gain 20/20 inner visions.  Here is an abridged version of the Stress Shifter Skills Course 4 Steps that will be helpful to see clearly about a trigger that causes fuzzy thinking right now.

4 Steps, 4 questions for 20/20

Step 1 Facing

Question – What is the number one stress trigger that I face at this moment?
Maybe it is the kids, work, or money. Facing what is the actual trigger allows for clear insight.

Step 2 Focus

Questions – Do I have control of the trigger?

Do I have control of my response?
If you know you don’t have control of the trigger, then don’t try to control it. Trying to control something out of your control only creates chronic stress. We all have control of our responses in life. By focusing on ourselves and mindfully observing our thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgment, we can cultivate a positive response to a nagging stress trigger.

Step 3 Freeing

Question – Have I ever positively dealt with this trigger in my past?

Often, we have dealt with negative triggers in a positive manner. We just forget that we have done so because we quickly respond to triggers with past outdated habits. Being aware that you have managed triggers with wisdom and clarity in the past, can help you choose to use your inner wisdom in the present moment. Your insight can set you free.

Step 4 Flowing

Questions – Am I a survivor?

Can I grow and learn throughout my life’s journey?

Most likely we all can say “Yes” to both. With the ability to Face, Focus, and be Free, we can be in the Flow. The Flow is when you have inner balance, even when life’s triggers look you square in the face. You can have 20/20 inner vision to make calm, clear, and creative responses in the present moment.

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