Forming Conscious Intentions to Shift Stress

Forming conscious intentions to shift stress is a skill that needs to be developed thru practice. It is muscle that needs attention to increase the power of the intention.   It is so easy to let ourselves just drift in the sea of the subconscious and not know where we are going, whether we are getting anywhere, and just settle to stay afloat.  But, when we have a clear destination (conscious intention), we can chart our progress, and learn how to stay on course to reach our desired location.  We are able to arrive there by learning how to listen to our inner feedback, finding the deeper lessons, and making the course corrections.  It is in mastering the skill to make the subtle adjustments and tweaks that leads us to our goal of transformational change.

If we follow our fears we will be seduced by the illusions of the past, our amygdala gathers more evidence that our Fear was in Fact “Right and True”. Old Operational Systems become stronger. The familiarity with the past brings a false sense of comfort. Our well-formed neural brain pathways that have deep grooves hold a powerful grip over us.

Transformation begins when we realize that what seems natural is often self-destructive, and what seems uncomfortable is really nurturing as it leads us to our True self.   We need to rewire our neural pathways by forming new intentions. We can turn Threats into Challenges that foster us to learn and grow.

Forming a Conscious Intention to learn and grow from challenges will calm the fear in the Old Operating System.  A Calm, Powerful. Healthy Mindset will begin to be programmed into your Brain.

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