Exercise: Building Stress Awareness

By rewiring our brains, we can change our lives. By designing new programs, we can change the patterns of our brain firings to lay the foundation for new perceptions and experiences.

To begin the process of reprogramming our brain neural pathways, we need to strengthen the muscle of focusing on what we want to create, and weaken the tendency to believe our fears are real.

This begins by facing our Fears, and asking if they are in fact REAL. We can do this by increasing our awareness of what Exact FEAR is driving us. We need to do the research necessary to discover what is the underlying Fear.

The first step is to start by noticing our external situation and then noticing our internal situation.  The external situation has key indicators that we can begin to gain some awareness.  There are Stressors and Triggers.

Let’s ask our self some important questions to understand what old brain patterns are in our thinking. What is in our old Operating System?

List all the people and activities that cause stressful reactions:

Who do fight with?

Who do flight from or try to avoid?

Who do you freeze with?

What tasks/activities do you fight/struggle with?

What tasks/activities do you resist, avoid, procrastinate?

What tasks/activities do you refuse to do?

Understanding how we respond to the above Stressors and Triggers gives us wisdom to make a conscious choice to transform them to a Calm, Powerful, and Healthy Mindset.

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