Developing a Stress Shifter Mindset

To move beyond stress relief to stress transformation involves undertaking a journey of self-mastery. In this journey you can discover the root causes of how your stress is generated and devise new strategies to meet the challenges of our modern world. This journey is about developing a Mindset of Calmness, Empowerment and Well-Being.

A commitment to master our stress starts by embracing our need to learn and grow. By committing to Self-Growth, it will propel us to find creative solutions to get all of our other needs met. For if we are to become conscious self-aware beings, we need to be open to look at all the possible ways to achieve a calm, powerful and healthy mindset.

We can free ourselves from old habits, patterns, and beliefs that keep us stuck in the survival strategies that we learned at an early age. We can replace these survival strategies with creative strategies that will open us to new ways to get our needs met. We can shift from the survival strategies of our older primitive brain, and rely more on our Newer Creative Brain to empower us have self-insights, trust our intuition, follow our passion, create an expansive vision for life, and strengthen our will to stay focused on our goals.

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