Creating Inner Safety with Self-Trust

Creating Inner Safety with Self-Trust

By Lindsay Leimbach

One of the keys to shifting stress is to calm our Amygdala down by creating safety within our self.  

Creating inner safety begins with trusting our self. When we trust our inner wisdom, we can feel secure that we can handle life’s challenges as they arise. When we have doubts about our ability to make a clear, calm decision, we grasp outside of ourselves for answers. When we cannot trust our own decision-making process, we second guess others' abilities to make clear, calm choices as well.  The feeling of self-doubt fills the mind with worry.  Our mind becomes on guard, waiting for a problem to arise around every corner. Our mind wastes energy scanning and scanning for the other shoe to drop. The feeling that others might be trying to take advantage of us that others are trying to control us, that they are trying to prove we are wrong looms in the back of our thoughts. When we don’t trust our own abilities, we easily fall into pessimism and judgment.

So, developing the skill of trusting our intuitive wisdom helps us discern how real threats to our safety are.  The more self-aware we are, the less prone we will be to having our subconscious stress response system triggered. The Stress Shifter app is a tool that can be used daily to become more aware of our stress triggers and feel safer within ourselves.

Having a Discerning Mind like a Detective
Builds Self Trust

The belief that we have the capacity to have a discerning mind instills inner self-trust. Having a discerning mind means that we realize that we do not have all the answers, but this is okay. We do have the ability to have clear, calm, and non-judgment thinking. We can take in the facts much like a detective. We have the ability to keep asking questions without making a quick conclusion. We can ask for help and not give our personal power away. We can ask for help to receive more information to be informed and responsible for our choices.

Transform from a Judger to Learner
We transform ourselves from a judger into a learner when faced with information that is challenging or triggering. The empowerment of having a discerning mind requires that we trust our self to listen more than speak. We allow our self to listen to our intuition as well as other points of view.
Having a discerning mind gives us confidence and courage to hold strong clear boundaries with others and our own habitual impulses. In trusting ourselves, we have the capability to render clear, calm, and compassionate conclusions to a challenge we may face.

Trusting Our Inner Wisdom

To arrive at an optimum state of creating safety, we need not just trust but trust ourselves implicitly. If we cannot trust our self who can we trust? Our inner guidance system leads us toward our goals, provides the support we need, and keeps us alert to what is really important. To learn the skill of trusting our inner wisdom, we must start by paying attention to what is present in each moment. Learning how to listen to our body sensations, emotions, and thoughts to gain vital information is the key.

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