Coping with Stress in the World


Coping with Stress in the World



We are coping with tragic news. World affairs can be heartbreaking. When hearing tragic news in our world, it can cause feelings of great sadness, anger, and/or being overwhelmed, which are very genuine. We can still keep our personal power and shift to a compassionate, concerned mindset.


Fear and chronic stress that can arise from our feelings of mass shootings, Covid-19, homelessness, and world hunger does not solve the problems. These tragedies are part of our reality in the world at this time. These feelings that arise in us we should honor. However, anxiety can put us in a Fight, Flight, and often Frozen reaction that does not positively serve us or others that may need our help. Acceptance allows us to free up energy that resistance would extract from us. We call this "Facing Step" at Stress Shifter.


We don't have to live with chronic stress and fear. We can become more resilient and learn to expect the unexpected, and maintain our balance. The Stress Shifter Skills Course teaches this technique.


Some ways to make the Shift from Fear that may be triggered by world events to Compassionate Concern:


Face the Unexpected Tragedy


Have you ever turned on the news and wanted to cry or yell? Does your brain go into overload, and your emotions shift into a dark place? Do you sit down and lose yourself in the media?


We all have had these moments. The question to ask yourself is, who has control now of your thinking? The media or you? 


When confronted by tragic news, you have two choices: move forward and make the best of the day, or allow the news to sour your mood and hold you back. It does not mean going into denial or dismissive thinking; it does mean knowing that if you go to a dark place, that won't help anyone, especially you.


Ask yourself: "What do I typically do when I encounter tragic news in the media?" Face and Focus on the programming of your mind. This is how you will become Free and Flow with life instead of being overwhelmed.


You can make the best of things by turning the unexpected tragedy into a new opportunity.


You can send a prayer and a blessing to those that need it.


You can get involved in a cause that makes a difference.


You can gain personal control by turning off the media and getting your information from sources that do not sensationalize a tragic event. 


These are all ways to reclaim your personal power back.


Build a Solid Support System


Tragic news can come with great pain. Of course, it's normal to feel genuine emotions such as anger, sadness, and being overwhelmed. Having a trusted support system is crucial.


It could help if you turned to those around you for support in these times. You may need someone to talk to you. It's crucial that you surround yourself with positive influences. Choose wisely. If your support group sensationalizes the events, they will not help you shift into your personal control. Having a solid support group allows you to stay calm, centered, and creative. It gives a solid foundation to live your life in the Flow.


Using the Power of the Mind to Shift with Tragic News


Positive affirmations are another way that you can shift with unexpected tragic news. Affirmations are concise statements that you can use to help you think more positively.


When tragic news is overwhelming you, and you don't know how to shift, you can stop and say:


· "In times of crisis, I am safe because I have a well-thought plan to shift to my higher self."


· "I create my own calm to make a meaningful response to this situation."


· "I am part of the world's solution, even though it will take time."


Whether you believe it or not, words have power. When you say these phrases aloud, you're reaffirming the statement in your mind, and you're re-focusing your energy on solutions instead of worries. Repeating these affirmations may console you and remind you about your strength during difficult situations.


When you use positive affirmations and the other shifting techniques mentioned, you will be more confident dealing with whatever life throws your way. This resilience is the Flow. Remember, it's okay to be upset by world tragedies; you can shift your fear into compassionate concern. You can equip yourself with the tools, techniques, and a support system to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or situation. You can Stress Shift into a calm, centered, and creative mindset to make a positive difference. You can learn more by taking the Stress Shifter Skills Course.